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About Japanese Language Education at the
Manwa International Education Institute

The objective of Manwa International Education Institute is to develop Japanese language skills so that students can adapt to the environment
at their school or workplace and communicate smoothly in the future.

Learning objectives

The goal is to acquire an each skill level of "listening", "speaking", "reading", and "writing" in Japanese that will enable students to communicate and discuss their opinions and understand each other.

Active learning

Through activities such as discussing, thinking, researching, explaining, and presenting, students will deepen their understanding of different cultures.

Guidance for higher education

Career classes have been held from the first year of the course. The lecturer in charge will support each student firmly.

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Manwa International Education Institute

Course Introduction

You can choose the course that suits your objectives.
You can take classes in the curriculum which has each characteristic according to the goal and the learning period.

  • For those who want to go to a university, graduate school, or vocational school in Japan
  • For those who want to learn Japanese properly in 1 year and 6 months or 2 years

Advancement for higher
education Course

The ability to understand and communicate in Japanese at Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools, and to acquire specialized knowledge through this institute's curriculum, is firmly cultivated.

  • For those who want to learn Japanese in a short period of time
  • For those who want to learn conversation as a main subject

Short term course

It is a short Japanese course of 4 to 10 weeks. The class is centered on "listening, talking" and aims to communicate in Japanese at each level.

  • For those who want to take one-on-one classes
  • For those who have limited time to take classes

Private lessons /
group lessons

You can customize your learning content to meet your goals individually and take lessons. Group lessons are also available upon request.

  • For those who are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • For those who are worried about self-study

Test preparation course

For those who are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, we will offer a preparatory course just before the exam in order to pass it.

About the enrollment procedure

The application method and necessary documents differ depending on the type of visa you apply for. Please check the details.

Student Life/Student Support

Our introduction includes the school’s annual calendar, the daily flow of international students in their study lives at our school, and the experiences of Japanese culture. You can also refer to our system for support for international students.

Corporate Japanese training

In order to improve the communication skills of employees who need to learn Japanese, we will listen to the needs of companies and propose an optimal training program tailored to suit their needs.